You will essentially leave your property in management's sole care.  Property management must recognize the totality of their obligation. So, whether you return to your home or keep it as a rental for investment purposes, while you're gone...


You have invested

an enormous amount of money in your realty asset, a quarter of a million to well over a million;

perhaps your largest investment.

We also have realty investments and know the need for attentive, proper management...

Our job is,

(1) to ensure your property doesn't lose value due to misuse, negligence, or lack of upkeep and upgrade; (2) to ensure the property grows in value with the market and receives top-dollar in rental revenue, to maximize your profit...






Property Management Program We Offer:

Utilize all contracts and forms provided by the Northern Virginia Association of Realtors. They are all thoroughly vetted and approved by the Association's attorneys.

Prepare a Management Contract that clearly describes our mutual agreement. 

Automatically conduct a Rental Leasing Service to find prospective Tenants when your property is about to become vacant. We advertise in the local Multiple Listing Service (MLS), and multiple, popular Internet listing services.


When a prospect applies to rent, we thoroughly screen the application, followed by a request for a credit report from a national level Credit Reporting Service to verify the prospect's credit worthiness. If all appears satisfactory, upon your acceptance, we prepare a comprehensive Lease.


Prior to occupancy, we collect the Security Deposit, which is safely deposited by Chase in an Escrow Account as required by law.


Collect the monthly rent from which we deduct our monthly fee; and if you request, we will also pay your HOA or Condo dues, existing maintenance or repair bills, and any other payments you desire us to pay on your behalf.


Deposit the remaining monthly rent in your bank account, mail you a check, or arrange for you to receive the money however you desire.


Provide detailed monthly and year-end statements to you, to easily facilitate year-end tax and expense considerations. 

Provide timely response to all Tenant inquiries ... 24/7.


Arrange and supervise touch-up, fixing, repairing, replacing, and even renovation of your property when required.


Routinely inspect your property and provide on-going communication with you.


Maintain a $400 maintenance account that covers any small repairs that occur. That provides immediate funds to pay for any 'leaky faucet' and similar type maintenance. Any expense over $400 will be approved by you.


Make a dedicated effort to include any special requirements you may have, that we haven't covered. 

Throughout the service, offer you the opportunity to choose the degree you want to be involved in the decision making.


I'll be delighted to discuss any details you desire or need, to be comfortable with selecting Chase to manage your property. Simply contact me by the convenient Contact Box below, or by phone or text. 

Larry Osborn

Founder, Property Manager and Principal Broker




Special considerations can be negotiated for multiple properties.



Chase Realty and Property Management Background Information: 


Chase is a privately-owned company.  We establish our own procedures and guidelines to meet the local needs of our Property Owners, their properties, and the Tenants.  Though a full-service Realtor with Sales, Listing and Rentals services, our business focus is Property Management.  Our office is in McLean, VA, and we are readily accessible to the northern Virginia area.

Whether your property is a starter home or worth well over a million, we recognize your property is a major investment equal to many stock portfolios and retirement programs.  In as much, we have adopted a slogan that guides us:  "A Realty Investment Demands Investment-Quality Management''.  You'll receive "Investment-Quality Management from Chase and should demand and accept no less.  WE ACKNOWLEDGE AND ACCEPT THAT RESPONSIBILITY TO YOU!


We at Chase also own investment properties, and we treat your investment just like we treat our own. Additionally, no member of Chase has any financial interest in any person or company with whom we contract or otherwise use in any way.  Any discount we can receive, is passed on to the Owners. 

Since the day Chase was founded, we were determined to operate with a "Do the Right Thing" attitude and approach.  Since then, we have personally assured that our founding principle continues to be perpetuated.  At Chase Property Management, we fully understand and endorse that we legally and ethically work for you, and that you are depending on us to care for your property.  We continually focus on fulfilling that obligation to you by providing trustworthy service.


I'll be delighted to discuss any details you desire or need to be comfortable with selecting Chase to manage your property.  Simply contact us by phone or by email us by going to the "Contact" section below. 


Larry Osborn

Founder and Principal Broker






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